Prince-Sergio Ferrero di Muresanu
Andy Warhol

Andy Warhol

“The birth of Strappi”

Andy Warhol has been a key source of inspiration to Sergio and his artwork. Their first meeting was arranged in 1974 by Frank Sinatra on Warhol’s request. Following their meeting the two artists created their series “Ten Tests” at “The Factory” in New York.

These initial “Strappi” show the destruction of Marilyn Monroe’s iconic image, a face both men loved dearly, as well as the destruction of War. The destruction which is caused by human beings and the subsequent recreation, to try to amend the damage done, became the theme of Sergio’s life work.

These two exceptional artists also collaborated in a series of artwork to normalise the words “Cocaine” and “Heroin”, allegedly taken because they were prohibited and mysterious in New York at that time. They tried to demystify these words with their “Happenings” and creations.

Sergio defines “Strappi” as the combination of destruction and recreation, tearing up something to then put the pieces back together, like the human race which destroys their planet and health to then only try to recover it.

His message is;

“Of course we should not destroy, once the river is empty there will be no more fish, we will have destroyed nature and we will not be able to eat 100 dollar notes…..what will we leave to our FUTURE GENERATIONS?

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